This site was formed out of my own amusement based on the fact that all the other obama clocks out there
were a count down until he took office. I am naturally contradictory and decided to invert that idea for my
own amusement. Yes, I receive a lot of hate mail. Yes, I also receive a lot of Ad Revenue. Yes I also
run , again purely for my own amusement. Yes I will accept bids to purchase the
domains. Yes you have spent more time looking at my site than I did developing it. Yes, I only used vi to hand script this

Btw Thanks to for writing the count down timer. Checks in The Mail I swear.
Also, if you hot link the javascript off my site...please link back to me! Any way or any how!

And for the people that mistpyed it and ment to go to the more colorful one.
One ominious site wondering precisely how accurate my site is (includes catchy name)

Intresting and very entertaining site that shares my sense of humor

I've gotten a few complaints about how hard it is to send me fan/hate mail so feel free to write me wtfmate at
I am quickly gathering links for an in the news section so please send me links where you found me. Also feel free
to submit other links that were created in the spirit of good fun simular to those above.
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